Website Design and Development

A strong web design can differentiate your business from others.  The internet has become the most influential marketing platform and without a creative and innovative design, your website will quickly be overlooked.  Chosen Professionals has provided targeted website experiences.

Chosen Professionals closely works with its clients to deliver a rich, unique website.   We help our clients from start of the project to the end result of a completed website which may include assistance with domain name and analysis of competition.  Here are the various steps and what to expect during the engagement with Chosen Professionals.

  • Analysis is necessary to fully understand what requirements your organization wants to be it’s key topics to demonstrate and emphasize

  • Clear Specifications allow for clarity between what will be delivered and the expectations the client has around what will be provided for their investment

  • Frequent client feedback during the Design and Development phase will help eliminate changes that are required prior to release of the website

  • Content Creation is one of the services that Chosen Professionals works very closely with the client to ensure that the right messages are prominent on the website

  • If your website requires Coding to support functions or other applicative capabilities, Chosen Professionals can reach out to its Strategic Partners to further support their clients’ needs

  • Testing and user acceptance are critical to Chosen Professionals as this ensures that the client is provided an exceptional website

  • Once approved by the client, the Promotion of the website with a custom URL is available on the internet, along with the initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration to help get your website seen during searches.

  • Maintenance and Support are part of Chosen Professionals offering at a very competitive price (see Pricing and Services).  This includes upgrades, issue resolution, website patches, etc.  Also, Chosen Professionals offers a flexible ongoing support agreement to meet their clients’ needs