Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enable companies to increase their search relevance when prospective clients search on key words or phrases that target their industry.  It is well known that having your website displayed on the first page of search results increases the chance of potential clients going to your website by greater than 80%.  This is critical to ensure that your brand is what client’s see when they search for services.

Chosen Professionals keeps up with the ever changing search engine algorithms to ensure that your website has a high relevancy when specific keywords that are critical to your products and services are searched by prospective clients.  This allows your website to be seen by more users and allows for greater website traffic.  There are also ways to maximize how your site is linked to ensure that Google, Bing and other search engines see your site as an authoritative website on targeted keywords or phrases.

Social Media also drives higher search relevance, so Chosen Professional will also work with you to set up business pages on the popular social websites like, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  We can also work with you if there are other social channels you wish to make available for your business.  Chosen Professionals can initiate posting blogs and other content that will help generate higher search relevancy.