Pricing and Services

Chosen Professionals is focused on offering its customers very competitive pricing options   We clearly identify the cost to initial design, development and setup your website, along with the ongoing maintenance and hosting costs.  We also ensure that if you require enhancements to your website, it is cost effective as well.

Chosen Professionals believes in a direct customer interaction and a customized website that is targeted for your business.  Unlike other website providers that provide a very standard “Look and Feel” to all their customers which offers very little differentiation across other competitors in your industry, Chosen Professionals work closely with each customer and provides an unique experience.

Hosting and maintenance costs can be one of those hidden expenses with other website providers.  Some website providers will give you a very aggressive cost to initiate your website,  but then have significant ongoing costs.  This includes significant hosting costs that can span significant timeframes, and very little maintenance and support without significant cost for their specialist assistance.  Chosen Professionals offers a very effective cost model that includes hosting and maintenance at a cost that is both fair and reasonable.  We also ensure our specialist rates to make enhancements to your website are extremely competitive.

To demonstrate an estimated cost to a customer, here’s an example of a typical non-retail website.  However each website is unique so the actual cost to develop and support may vary.

  • Initial Analysis and Design – $1,000

  • Development and Initial Content Creation – $1,500

  • Implementation and Social Media presence – $500*

  • Ongoing Hosting and Maintenance – $35 per month

  • Specialist support (Website Enhancements) – $50 per hour

The Chosen Professionals also realizes that you may not want a long term engagement, so they do not mandate a long-term contract.  You have the option to terminate your agreement at the end of the following month.  This is not a common practice with other website providers, but at Chosen Professionals we want to make sure our customers are provided with the flexibility to manage their business.

* – This includes registering a Domain Name, and business pages for Facebook and LinkedIn.