About Us

Chosen Professionals takes pride in providing the best service for it’s clients.  Their staff is skilled, trained and focused on each individual client, while maintaining extremely high standards and values.  They will also offer recommendations and insight to further advance the experience of prospective opportunities.

Chosen Professionals is led by Laura Moreland who has been in the Information Technology industry for well over 30 years.  She has developed using several software languages, been a Database Administrator, along with managing multiple teams to accomplish complex business applications.  She has also been actively involved in visual and web design.  This combination of user experience development skills and working with corporations has allowed her to gain an unique view of how to provide customers with the best possible experience.

There are other Information Technology experts that are within Chosen Professional’s staff.   This includes experts that supports several services such as Project Management and other management disciplines, along with maintaining partnership with other consulting agencies that offer a wide variety of application development services.

Chosen Professionals realize that becoming recognized on the internet requires a stunning design, strong search engine results and a clear representation of the services and products the client offers to it’s constituents.  This is done through years of experience and the ability to understand what is effective in the respective industry.  Chosen Professionals has specialized in several key areas including Psychology and Family Counseling, to Book Publishing and Sales.  This allows for direct feedback in how to make your website resonate with your prospective clients.

Chosen Professionals also understand that cost is a major factor.  We offer very flexible pricing options to maximize the initial value and minimize ongoing expenses.  This helps companies ensure that they can continue to get value from their investment without hidden expenses coming up after they implement a new experience.   Also honesty and integrity are fundamental to Chosen Professionals, so we maintain a very transparent relationship with our customers so that there is no ambiguity in what they’ll get for their investment, along with what services they’ll receive ongoing.