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Are you faced with choosing a web design that is unique and reasonably priced, built by experienced professionals or a “free website” that is dull, in need of expensive fixing and more costly than advertised?  To avoid falling into this costly trap, contact Chosen Professionals Web Design.  We will work with you to design an attractive and functional design the right way, at a reasonable price.


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“I hired the Chosen Professionals to build a website for my business. They were professional, proficient and delivered on time. They positioned my website to maximize ‘hits’ and they are managing the site on my behalf. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to create a website.”

Lori W.

Lori W.

Importance of a Website

  A couple of questions that are frequently asked are  "Is it important for my company to have a website?" and "Will a website help my business even if I'm a service company (psychotherapist, medical or dental doctors, physical therapist, etc)?"  We have built websites for the service, non-profit and eCommerce companies and have found that websites have increased the 'hit' rate of the sites [...]